Just happened to watch TMZ, which I never watch and heard the main guy say, ‘Beauty shouldn’t be pain’ as they were debating Sarah Jessica Parker.

Really- REALLY? He says beauty shouldn’t be pain and yet these ‘reporters’ jump on any celebrity and verbally beat the hell out of them if they ever look anything less than perfect.

High heels are pain. Fake lashes are pain. Hair removal is pain. Tight dresses are pain. Working out is pain. Giving up your favourite junk food is pain. Beauty treatments can be pain. And yet if a female celebrity dares not to do any of this, she is berated and beaten down by the press, such as this guy (whose name I don’t know and I’m not bothered to even learn).

That guy has really got a lot of nerve to say beauty shouldn’t be pain, seeing as he runs a show that makes its living from insulting and criticising and gossiping about celebrities’ appearances and pouncing on them if they look too fat/too thin/too old/too young etc.

Bottom line: don’t give a crap what anyone thinks about your appearance. Its your body and its your decision to look however makes you happiest.


Hilary Duff in workout gear.

"Being thin is not more important than enjoying life"

Mariska Hargitay (via recovering-mindfully)

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Fruit Roll Ups - A tasty, healthy snack…VIDEO Recipe

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Anonymous asked:
Hello, Forrest. Thank you for operating this blog. I was wondering if you could help me? I've been struggling with some of the "big issues" of life lately. Particularity the inevitability of death (including my own, and those who I am close to). Can you offer any advice to me on how to overcome my fear and sadness on this topic? Thank you, and namaste.


Accepting your fears doesn’t happen overnight. It can, but oftentimes it takes time and practice.

When you first start addressing them, you may experience an increase in mental chatter. Our minds tend to fight us when we are close to overcoming challenges of any kind.

This can be further intensified when it pertains to the unknown, particularly subconsciously fearful concepts of death that Western Culture has placed on us over the years.

For this obstacle, I recommend time alone.

I either sit outside in nature, or if indoors, I often imagine a beautiful beach with a sunset before me. I try to hear only the waves crashing on the shore.

Once we can be alone with our minds, we can be more at peace and more prepared to face our fears.

This simple practice, though crucial to overcoming fear, is not exclusive to it. It will help you tremendously in taking control of your mind, and can even lead to other benefits such as feeling more compassion and kindness for others.

Rather than a step to follow, I recommend this practice in conjunction with step one if you are having difficulty with acknowledging your fears, and do not currently have a mindfulness practice in place.


Forrest Curran

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